What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

I really appreciate all the help from Mario, Jorge and Alfredo as they quickly scoped and mitigated our issue at our home. This was especially important as my wife and I were just days away from having our first child, so really important to have the mold issue mitigated. Thank you to all three of you!

It is always nice to write a 5-star review for truly great service.  SERVPRO deserves credit for a job well done and for fixing what was a nightmare experience with another company.

We started out with another company to address a mold issue.  They were fired for their poor quality of work, but it put us in a tough spot trying to find someone to do it correctly after the fact.  

I called and first spoke to the office staff on the phone.  She was wonderful, asked a lot of questions, and was very empathetic to the situation.  She put me into contact with the production manager and a couple of hours later he was in our home to assess the situation and strategize our next steps.  He was knowledgeable and about the mold remediation process and proposed a plan that would pick up where the others left off and correct the problems the other company left behind.  

The Production Manager arranged to have a crew on-site the next morning. and showed up to make sure everyone was on the same page.  That and the great crew put our mind at ease.  The crew did an amazing job and exceeded our expectations.  They kept everything clean and did everything that was promised.

I recommend selecting these people first rather than having them come in after the fact.  Kudos to a great team and thank you for the great experience!

I contacted SERVPRO today as I suspected mold in our crawlspace. Tom contacted me right away and a couple hours later he was at my house to do an inspection. Tom is very knowledgeable, friendly and gave me great advice. Luckily we do not have mold, but from now on SERVPRO is my go-to company for all my crawlspace needs!!!! Thank you Tom!

I had mold in my home. I was concerned about my families health and what kind of damage the mold was doing to my home. They saved the health of my family and my home.

Your company is great! I highly recommend these guys to everyone that has mold in their homes. I know if it ever happens in my house again, they will be the first and only call I plan on making. Thank you again!

I was having a moisture/mold issue and needed someone to take a look at it. I called this SERVPRO and talked to the owner who was very helpful.  He said he would have someone out within the hour and sure enough he was personally at my house 40 minutes later.  Now I live in Downers Grove so the fact that they were able to get to me so fast surprised me!  He ran a few tests to check humidity levels and then when inspecting the crawl space, he found a leaking pipe. His ability to find the source of the problem almost immediately was refreshing.  He didn't waste any time in solving my problem. I had a plumber out the next day and my humidity issue was gone within about a week.  Thank you SERVPRO!